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Take a Look what are passion has done for homeowners across the Twin Cities.

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Boulder Walls and Pool Landscape Re-design

We love these projects when we get to re-invent the backyard space.

Full Side Yard Landscaping

This project was pure pleasure for us.  A full side and backyard reimagined.  We improved the water away from the house while leaving a full hardscape of interest.

steps up hill.jpg

Lake hillside Landscape!

Wonderful pathway built down to the lake.  This was awesome to place to work on. Built with a full drainage and pathway to the lake.

Big New Back Yard

Kristina Froyum
Thank you so much!! We absolutely LOVE our new backyard! You and your crew are amazing!! We loved working with you.


Decorative Retailing Walls

For this customer, we improved the whole house with strategic decorative walls and plant bed edging.

Can we say "Flat Yard" that is usable. 

A beautiful retaining wall can solve the problem for you!


Great New Wall 

This home owner has some draining issues we will fix by grading away from the house.  The old timber wall will be removed for some killer looking landscape walls and a new patio!

Lakeside redesigned back yard

Large landscape redesign

FullSizeRender copy.jpeg
Lake Side Projects: Projects
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